Designer Rugs

These designer rugs are all handmade pieces of art and you can choose from many different shapes, sizes and designs. Enjoy playful or elegant patterns and many different textures like knitted wool and kilim in colourful variations. Enjoy the soft texture of our handmade shaggy rugs that come in different sizes and colours. It can take several days to make one rug and the unique blend of differently toned strands make the rug look very elegant. Enjoy the luxurious soft feeling of a natural cowhide rug. You can choose from different size and shapes and enjoy beautiful patterns.Take your pick from round rugs with humorous colours, edgy prints or exclusive leather combinations. They are great to soften a square angular space or to frame in your round tables. Our selection of runners offer everything from graphic statements and colourful patterns in kilim to the more neutral designs. Ideal to define an area within a room or to bring two rooms together.

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